Because of Greenblock’s efficient system, I am on track to save more than a month on my current project.

- Dan – Ft. Myers, FL

As a builder, I am constantly facing deadlines from homeowners, Greenblock allows me to meet or exceed these deadlines, something I couldn’t do as easily with stick contruction.

- Mark – Hilton Head, SC

Lately, the demand for efficient homes has been growing. I feel like I’m in on the ground floor of a truly revolutionary change in the building industry.

- Brett – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been hanging rock (drywall) for more than thirty years. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen walls as straight as Greenblock’s.

- Hal – Sturgis, SD

Our competitors see that our Greenblock units are built faster and better than their stick houses. I wish we could hide our secret.

- Chris – Waterville, ME

Your dedication to helping us get off the ground with this relatively new building concept was fundemental in our decision to use Greenblock over other ICF companies.

- Stephanie – Granby, Quebec

We have lived in our Greenblock home for 7 years, and have benefited from decreased utility bills with little to no maintenance from the day we moved in. You were right.

- Robert – Pardeeville, WI

I am able to satisfy my customers by exceeding their design ideas.

- Casey – Carmel, CA

I’ve pumped at least 10 other companies ICF systems… Greenblock is the only one I’ve not had a blowout with. If it were up to me I wouldn’t work with any other product.

- Dave – Woodland Park, CO