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Contractors everywhere want to be able to provide a quality structure with a realistic bottom line. Over the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult for contractors building with wood and block to do this. Lumber prices go up while lumber quality goes down. Skilled labor is becoming increasingly harder to find while local, county, state and federal regulations require higher standards. Buyers are also better educated than before and demand better structures. All in all, many real estate buyers today are demanding finished products that are higher in quality and lower in cost.

The Insulated Concrete Forms Industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade. Currently, ICF construction makes up approximately 5% of residential housing starts in the United States, a figure which is expected to grow 25-30% per year for the foreseeable future. Higher energy costs and the growing trend toward “Green” construction and sustainable building systems means our industry will continue to gain momentum as homeowners and builders alike realize the enormous advantages of building with Insulated Concrete Forms.

So how can you, as a building professional looking for that competitive edge, become a part of this rapidly growing industry?

Greenblock’s high efficiency wall systems are your answer!

Although it may look new and different, anyone with construction experience can quickly get up to speed with ICFs. An ideal crew has a mix of concrete placement and carpentry experience. Once the crew has some practice, each Greenblock built home requires less skilled labor and less total labor than a wood-framed home. And ICFs are very lightweight, so crews stay fresh through the day. Likewise, ICFs present no problem for the sub-contractors who come after the walls are poured. Since holes, chases and rectangles are easily cut into ICFs with a knife or saw, installation of mechanical systems is a snap. The fastening of drywall and lap siding is just as fast and easy with our sub-surface furring strips clearly marked on the outside of each block. And mid-course corrections, such as moving an opening, are no big deal – just saw it out and re-form. It’s not more difficult to make changes to an ICF wall – it’s just a little different.

With block prices competitively priced and more manufacturing facilities to keep shipping costs low, Greenblock is not only the best Insulated Concrete Block but also one of the most accessible. You will notice an increase in speed, efficiency, and time-savings and will surely appreciate how easily Greenblock can be integrated into your existing style of construction.

If this is your first ICF build, Greenblock can offer training for your crew.

We can even train your crews on your jobsite so they can learn from experienced professionals who have installed hundreds of Greenblock structures across the country…the option is yours. There’s never been a better time to start building with Greenblock.


Todays builders are pressed to find new and more energy efficient methods of building while increasing the ease and speed of construction. With Greenblock’s high efficiency concrete wall system, you are able to reach your construction goals easier than ever before. Whether you choose to build a basement, or, like most builders, an entire home, Greenblock will reward you each step of the way. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

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