Product Overview

Greenblock Insulated Concrete Forms create solid, insulated, steel-reinforced concrete wall systems for use in both above and below grade. Greenblock wall systems are used for a multitude of construction applications including residential, light commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, providing exceptional insulation, thermal mass and structural integrity.

Greenblock Insulated Concrete Forms are based on the simple concept of modular interlocking blocks. During construction, the forms are stacked in the exterior shape of the structure, then aligned and filled with concrete and reinforcing steel creating safe, strong, energy efficient, sustainable homes and buildings.

Greenblock ICFs consist of two expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, held together with polypropylene web ties spaced at six-inch centers. The plastic webs connect the EPS panels and terminate with a 1.5 inch flange which is embedded ½ inch beneath the outside surface of the panels. The flanges are clearly marked on the surface of the block with the word GREENBLOCK.

When the blocks are stacked, the flanges form a horizontal and vertical grid which is used to attach interior finishes like drywall and exterior finishes like stucco, wood siding and brick veneer. In addition to providing form support and attachment surfaces, the webs are designed to conveniently hold reinforcing steel bars in place before and during concrete placement.

The Greenblock panels are manufactured with EPS foam molded at 1.5 pounds/cu. ft. density which has a verified, stable R-value of approximately 4.4/inch of foam. Greenblock forms are dry-stacked using a running bond. Referred to as “adult Lego’s”, the blocks attach to one another top to bottom with our patented male/female nub design.

This is the best attachment system in the ICF industry – greatly reducing the occurrence of horizontal wall movement, form separation or lifting during concrete placement. This connection design reduces the need for gluing, taping or strapping of the forms from course to course and creates walls that require minimal bracing.

The Greenblock design also provides a monolithic concrete wall; walls which have the same concrete thickness throughout. Flat walls are easier to calculate structural loads for than other ICF wall types. Solid concrete is strength and protection. Concrete structures ahave a useful life of 100+ years.

Greenblock forms are generally 48” in length and 12” in height. Available in both Fixed-Web and Assemble-on-Site designs, they come in a range of internal widths, from 4 inches to 12 inches* , to accommodate most design requirements. A wide variety of special forms and accessories, including corners, brick ledges, taper tops and height adjusters allow Greenblock products to be adapted to many different construction situations.