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The purpose of this guide specification is to assist the specifier in correctly specifying Greenblock Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) products and execution. The specifier should edit the guide specifications to fit the specific needs of the project. Throughout the guide specification, there are Specifier Notes to assist in the editing of the file.

SECTION 03 11 19




  • Comply with the requirements for Division 1- General requirements
  • Supply & installation of Greenblock insulated concrete forms for structural, cast-in-place concrete walls, installation of reinforcing steel and placement of concrete within the insulating concrete forms.
  • Adequate bracing and scaffolding shall be provided by the Installing Contractor to comply with all applicable Codes.
  • Furnish all labor, materials, tools and equipment to perform the installation of Greenblock insulated concrete form wall systems as manufactured by Greenblock Worldwide Corporation, 759 S. Federal Hwy, Stuart FL 34994. (800) 216-1820.
  • Furnish all labor to include placement of reinforcing steel within forms, placement of concrete into forms, and final cleanup.


  • Sleeves
  • Inserts
  • Anchors
  • Bolts
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Window & Door Opening Bucks
  • Concrete
  • Penetrations
1.04 RELATED SECTIONS : (Specifier Note: ADD/DELETE/MODIFY the Section Numbers and Titles to correspond with specific project requirements. Related Sections to be added may include exterior wall finish, doors and window specific to project)
  • Section 03 20 00 – Concrete Reinforcing
  • Section 03 05 00 – Basic Concrete Materials and Methods
  • Section 03 30 00 – Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Section 03 10 00 – Concrete Forming and Accessories
  • Section 03 40 00 – Precast Concrete
  • Section 04 00 00 – Masonry
  • Section 05 00 00 – Metals
  • Section 06 00 00 – Wood, Plastics and Composites
  • Section 07 10 00 – Damp-Proofing and Water-proofing
  • Section 07 11 00 – Damp-Proofing
  • Section 07 13 00 – Sheet Waterproofing
  • Section 07 24 00 – Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems
  • Section 07 46 00 – Siding
  • Section 07 60 00 – Flashing and Sheet Metal
  • Section 08 00 00 – Doors and Windows
  • Section 09 20 00 – Plaster & Gypsum Board
  • Section 09 70 00 – Wall Finishes
  • Materials shall be only as specified in Paragraphs 1.02 & 2.02 as per Manufacturer specified in Paragraph 2.01. No alternate materials shall be accepted for this Section.
1.07 REFERENCES: (Specifier Note: ADD/DELETE/MODIFY the Standards and references to correspond to the specific requirements and geographic location of the project.)
  • ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete
  • ACI 301 Standard Specification for Structural Concrete
  • ACI 332 Guide to Residential Cast-in-Place Concrete Construction
  • ACI 347 Guide to Formwork for Concrete
  • ASTM C203 Standard Test Methods for Breaking Load and Flexural
    Properties of Block-Type Thermal Insulation.
  • ASTM C272 Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Core
    Materials for Structural Sandwich Constructions
  • ASTM C303 Standard Test Method for Dimensions and Density of
    Preformed Block-Type Thermal Insulation
  • ASTM C518 Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal
    Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus.
  • ASTM C 578 Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation
  • ASTM C236 Steady State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies
  • ASTM C473 Physical Testing of Gypsum Board Products & Gypsum Lath
  • ASTM D635 Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent
    and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position.
  • ASTM D1621 Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid
    Cellular Plastics.
  • ASTM D1761 Mechanical Fasteners in Wood
  • ASTM D1929 Standard Test Method for Determining Ignition
    Temperature of Plastics.
  • ASTM D2126 Standard Test Method for Response of Rigid Cellular
    Plastics to Thermal and Humid Aging.
  • ASTM E84 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
  • ASTM E 96 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of
  • ASTM E119-05, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
  • UBC 26-3 Uniform Building Code Standard Room Fire Test
  • ICC ES Evaluation Report ESR 1479
  • Wall Alignment System- a form alignment and scaffold system designed exclusively for use with ICF wall systems.
  • Contractor Installer- An installation contractor, who has received instructional training in the installation of Greenblock wall systems.
  • Technical Advisor- A technical representative, usually an employee of Greenblock or a Greenblock Distributor, who has received instructional training in the installation of Greenblock ICF wall systems and is in the capacity of supervising an installation crew on site.
  • EPS- Acronym for “Expandable Polystyrene” when referencing the insulating foam component of the Greenblock ICF wall system.
  • ICF- Acronym for “Insulated Concrete Form”.
  • Window or Door Opening Buck- a pre-manufactured or site constructed frame assembly consisting of wood, plastic or steel material used to frame a rough opening within the forming system that will retain concrete around the opening. The frame can also provide for subsequent anchorage of doors and windows within the wall assembly.


A. Provide insulated concrete form (ICF) product which has been manufactured in a shape molding facility operating under an approved third-party testing program requiring quarterly inspections to insure compliance with an approved Quality Control Program. ICF product must meet criteria related to raw material source, dimension, density, compressive strength, flame spread, smoke development, fire-resistance, web tie lateral and pull-out strength.

B. Provide ICF product which has been manufactured to withstand concrete placement loads without defects, damage or failure such that the cast-in-place concrete wall is designed according to ACI 318; Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete. Basis of Design: Greenblock Worldwide Corporation, Stuart Florida.

  • Insulated concrete wall form system shall consist of two 1.5 pcf (minimum) density Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) panels connected by eight high-density polypropylene web ties.
  • Panels to measure 2 5/8″ Thick (Fixed Web and Gblox Panel Systems) or 2″ Thick (2-4-2 Panel System) X 12″ High X 48″ Long
  • Web Ties to be spaced at a minimum 6″ on center
  • Web Tie attachment area measuring 11″ Tall X 1 1/2″ Wide (Fixed Web), 8″ Tall X 1 1/2″ Wide (Gblox) and 9 Tall1/2″ X 1 1/2″ Wide (2-4-2)
  • Web Ties recessed minimum 1/4″ beneath surface of panel clearly marked with the word GREENBLOCK or www.greenblock.com to facilitate interior and exterior finish attachment.
  • 12″ Tall forms allowing for 12″ horizontal rebar placement at 12″ increments
  • EPS Panel design to provide two rows of traditional “Lego-block” connection with defined male/female horizontal nub attachment points at top and bottom of panel to facilitate course-to-course bonding and minimize lifting during concrete placement. Nub configuration to include water dams to minimize concrete seepage between courses.
  • EPS panel design to provide interior face dovetail channels to facilitate panel-to-concrete bonding to eliminate bulging and delamination.
  • Fixed Web and Gblox Panel systems fully compatible and integral
  • Wall system to provide minimum 4”, 6”, 8”, 10″ or 12” wall section (as required) at all locations throughout wall area.
  • Wall system to provide accurate positioning of steel within form cavity to conform to reinforcing requirements of ACI 318.
  • EPS foam panels to provide minimum insulation levels as noted based on 1.5 pcf EPS foam with an R-value of 4.4/inch:
    4” Cavity Form Unit: R 17.6 (RSI 3.01)
    6” Cavity Form Unit: R 23.1 (RSI 3.89)
    8” Cavity Form Unit: R 23.1 (RSI 3.82)
    10” Cavity Form Unit: R 23.1(RSI 3,82)
    12” Cavity Form Unit: R 23.1 (RSI 3.83)
  • EPS wall system when filled with concrete to provide R-values up to 50+ based on actual R-value of EPS foam plus thermal mass of concrete plus interior/exterior finishes plus absence of air infiltration through wall system.
  • EPS wall system as constructed to provide a 4-Hour Fire resistance (Fixed Web and Gblox Systems) and 2 Hour Fire Resistance (2-4-2 System) as tested in accordance with ASTM E119-05, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials(Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc., August 24, 2007 and May 6, 2008
  • EPS foam to provide maximum vapor permeation of 3.5 Perm/inch (200 ng/Pa.s.m2) .
1.10 SUBMITTALS: (Specifier Note: ADD/DELETE/MODIFY the Section Numbers and Titles to correspond with specific project requirements)
  • When requested, submit relevant tests reports or data that validate product compliance with performance criteria specified and report approvals from ICC, State of Florida and City of Los Angeles prior to commencement of work under this Section.
  • Submit copy of Manufacturer’s Installation and Technical Manual
  • Conform to requirements of Section 01 33 00 Submittal Procedures and Section 01 78 00 Closeout Submittals
  • Submit shop drawings indicating dimensions, layout and form types and details
  • Submit proposed concrete mix design
  • Submit steel reinforcement schedule
  • Submit structural calculations sealed by a Professional Engineer
  • Contractor shall consult a Greenblock trained Contractor Installer or Technical Advisor for the duration of the work under this section.
  • Contractor Installer /Technical Advisor shall furnish proof of training documentation to Contractor prior to commencement of work under this Section.
  • Site Mock-up: If required, construct sample wall mock-up panel to include full wall system and details, located where directed by Consultant. Panel may form part of finished work if approved by Consultant.
  • Contractor Installer/Technical Advisor to consult with Contractor prior to material delivery on site to co-ordinate provision of access, storage area, and protection of Greenblock ICF product and spatial requirements for form alignment placement steel storage and forming.
  • Deliver products in original factory packaging, bearing identification of product, manufacturer and batch/lot number.
  • Handle and store products in location to prevent damaging and soiling.
  • Ensure that UV protection is provided for material, should on-site storage extend beyond 60 days.
  • Use appropriate measures for protection and supplementary heating when required to ensure proper curing conditions in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations if installation is carried out during periods of weather where temperatures are below minimum specified by governing Building Code for concrete and masonry.
  • Ensure those materials listed under Sub-Section 1.04 are provided to Contractor Installer prior to commencement of work under this Section.
  • Contact Manufacturer for written copy of specific warranties of the product


Greenblock Worldwide Corporation
759 S. Federal Highway, Suite 213
Stuart Florida, 34994
Phone: (800) 216-1820 Fax: (772) 334-5554
E-Mail: sreiter@greenblock.com Web Page: www.greenblock.com

  • Insulated concrete forms shall be Greenblock forms as manufactured by Greenblock Worldwide Corporation,Stuart, Florida.
  • Insulated Concrete Forms to be supplied through Greenblock Worldwide or an authorized Greenblock Distributor.
  • Substitutes and alternates will not be accepted. (See Section 1.06).

Provide Greenblock ICF Wall System Forms as listed below as may be required for proper execution of the work: (Specifier Note: DELETE units not appropriate for use on specific project)

  • 4”, 6”, 8″ ,10″ & 12” Standard Form Units–
    4” Core – 48” L x 8” W x 12” H
    6” Core – 48″ L x 11 ¼” W x 12” H
    8″ Core – 48″ L x 13 ¼” W x 12” H
    10″ Core – 48″ L x 15 ¼” W x 12″ H
    12″ Core - 48” L x 17 ¼” W x 12” H
  • 4″ core 90 and 45 Degree Corners
  • 6” and 8″ Left and Right 90 Degree Corners
  • 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” Extended Brick Ledge
  • 6”, 8” Taper Top
  • End Caps -
    6″ (6” W x 12” H)
    8” (8” W x 12” H)

Height Adjusters in 48″Lengths
For 6, 8 ,10 and 12” (2 5/8″ W x 2” H )

  • Concrete supplied under CSI Section 03 30 00 shall be of strength as specified by the design engineer (measured at 28 days). Recommended aggregate size to be 3/8” (10mm) aggregate for the 4” & 6” forms and, ¾” or smaller aggregate for the 8”,10” & 12” forms.
  • Recommended concrete slump is 5” to 6” +/- 1” (subject to design revision to suit application).
  • Reinforcing steel shall be as specified in CSI Section 03 20 00 and shall be supplied under that Section for placement by the Greenblock Contractor Installer. Engineered designs for 12 inch increments of horizontal rebar (12, 24, 36 or 48 inches on-center). Vertical steel placement in any increment.
  • To aid in the construction of the wall system, and to provide an adjustable device for ensuring plumbness of the wall during construction, where appropriate, an approved alignment system (provided as an installation component of the Greenblock ICF System) shall be used.
  • Material to be supplied under this Section and installed as specified under CSI Section 07 13 00 (Sheet Waterproofing).
  • Waterproofing material shall be EPS foam compatible.
  • Where called for on drawings, parging (stucco type) shall be an approved Acrylic Product supplied under this section and installed as specified under CSI Section 09 20 00 (Plaster & Gypsum Board)
  • Alternate EIFS supplied and installed under CSI Section 07 24 00 (Exterior Finishing Systems).

  • Inspect all areas included in Scope of Work to establish extent of work and verify site access conditions.
  • Verify that site conditions are as set out in Part 1 – General Conditions.
  • Examine footings installed under CSI Section 03 30 00 are within +/-¼” of level and that steps in footings are 12” in height.
  • If specified, ensure reinforcing steel dowels are in place at specified centers along footing lengths.
  • Clean all debris from top of footings prior to commencing work.
  • Installation of forms to be in strict accordance with Manufacturer’s Installation and Technical Manual as supplied in evidence to contractor under Sub Section 1.10 of this specification.
  • The Installation Contractor shall ensure Manufacturer’s procedures for the following work are employed on site (as outlined in the Manufacturer’s Installation and Technical Manual):
  • First Course Placement
  • Horizontal Reinforcement Placement
  • Successive Course Placement
  • Door and Window Opening Construction
  • Form Alignment & Scaffolding Installation
  • Vertical Reinforcement Placement
  • Pre-Concrete Placement Inspection
  • Concrete Placement
  • Alignment Assembly Removal
  • Service penetrations (e.g., electrical service conduits, water service pipes, air supply, exhaust ducts, etc.) shall be installed at the required locations as indicated by the appropriate trade.
  • Service penetrations exceeding 16” x 16” in area shall be reinforced.
  • Prior to concrete placement, install service penetration sleeves (supplied by others) at designated locations to create voids where services can be passed through at later date.
  • Clean up and properly dispose of all debris remaining on job site related to the installation of the insulated concrete forms.
  • Provide temporary coverage of installation to reduce exposure to Ultra Violet light should final finish application be delayed longer than 60 days.